PLI is currently offering International Diploma in Safety Engineering (IDSE),  

Please visit www.idse.pk to view details about IDSE

You can get registered at various satellite centres. Details of satellite centres is given at www.idse.pk 

Any Level 3 certification in OHS (IOSH Accredited Qualifications only) + 3 years relevant HSE Experience

It is recommended that such professionals must initially do level 3 certificate in OHS

We dnt compare IDSE with any level 6 qualifications. It is solely candidates' choice to select the qualification which suits them in their professional growth.

There are 2 units in IDSE and both are assessed by online open book non invigilated exams followed by a 10-20 minutes closing interview to ensure that submitted work is free from malpractice and plagiarism. Total marks each unit are 150 while 50% (75 marks) marks are required as passing criteria.

IDSE has been certified by Qualifi as endorsed qualification. Upon successful completion of both units and having quality assured by Qualifi, diploma is issued to the candidates

We dnt recommend such candidates to get registered for IDSE. It requires thorough commitment for self study and research to qualify for IDSE. 

All registered candidates are provided with both unit books, power point slides, sample question papers, Marking Criteria etc. However, the candidates must do a thorough research on google as well regarding the syllabus outcome requirements. The exam will not be necessarily from the books alone.

IDSE has been designed for professionals who meet a basic eligibility criteria of education and experience. The theme of the qualification is self study and research under the directions of tutors. However, their is no formal lecturing. 

Eligibility criteria is minimum requirement set to register for IDSE and this does not give any guarantee of your success. You must study and research thoroughly before appearing in the exams. Without proper commitment to IDSE preparation, it is very unlikely one could pass

Online exams and online video interviews are conducted 6 times a year starting from April 2021

All answer sheets are subject to a strict QA review to ensure there has been no malpractice or plagiarism. In cases when the examiner or the QA suspects malpractice, the results are withheld. The candidates are asked to respond to suspected malpractice and/or plagiarism charges. A formal investigation is carried out to ascertain if there has been malpractice/ plagiarism? The outcome of the investigation is communicated to the candidates with disciplinary actions (Where Applicable)

Yes, all candidates have right to appeal against the decision made by the investigation team after payment of required fee (Currently 100 US$ per candidate). The appeal committee is formed keeping in view there is no conflict of interest. Appeal committee does not carry out the re-investigation but they ensure the process followed by investigation team was as documented and the evidences were substantial to constitute the charges of malpractice/ plagiarism. Moreover, they look if the severity of disciplinary action conforms to the level of malpractice/ plagiarism

In no circumstances, your fee can be refunded after the registration as there has been cost on processing the registration of each candidate. Upto 50% of the fee can be refunded if a candidate does not appear in the exam due to situation beyond his/her control. PLI decision for the refund will however be final.

First of all go through the books. Read each topic and write what possible questions can be made from this topic. Once you are able to frame questions, its very likely that you will be able to write their response as well. Then read exam marking criteria. Solve sample question papers and submit your response to the tutor who will assess it with opportunities for improvement. Once you ll solve 10-15 questions and get them reviewed, you ll understand how to attempt the questions in final exams. 

You can reappear in the exams as many times as you wish after paying required fee per unit exam and availability of the online exams.

There are many scams who lure candidates with favors during the exams. Please go to www.idse.pk and click "Locate Centre" to check if the centre is really authorized to market IDSE or not. If the marketing centre/ person is not on our list then it must be a scam. Please report such scam immediately to ceo@plicert.com to safeguard the interests of learners.

There is different fee depending upon where you get registered. But you must not expect any fee lower than 1500 US$ for registration and exams. 

We have subsidized the resit exam fee so that the candidates have not to bear additional financial burden. The resit fee is 100$ (Per unit exam) + British Council Original fee to be paid by the candidate.

Yes, there is discount on group registrations and is applicable on 3 or more registrations for the same exam. 10% discount is offered by all satellite centres

The satellite centres have "NO" access and control for the Exam Materials, Marking, Quality Assurance, Results, Investigation decisions etc. The only difference may be the fee they charge or training they impart through their approved trainers (If any) 

Any commitments made and agreed by the satellite centre and the candidate which may come under unethical practices (Malpractice for example or passing guarantee) will lead to the disqualification of the candidate and suspension of the satellite centre upon receipt of relevant evidences. Any commitments related to the Fee, Exam Date, Provisioning of Study Materials, Tutor Support, Reasonable Adjustment are dealt very seriously and candidates are prefered over the satellite centres. However, the candidates must get written document regarding any commitments being made by the satellite centres and same should be communicated to ceo@plicert.com if the candidate is dissatisfied.