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<p><strong>Imporant Notification Regarding IOSH Accreditation</strong>: All learners who will register for IDSE after 31st Aug 2022 will not be eligible for GradIOSH Membership. Those who will be registered before 31st August 2022 and achieve IDSE certificate till 31st Aug 2024 will be eligible for GradIOSH membership.</p> <p>We are a Team. We believe in Quality and Continual improvement. These are the values which distinguish us from others. Our diploma in Occupational Safety and Health i.e. IDSE (International Diploma in Safety Engineering) is first of its kind and has been certified as endorsed qualification by Qualifi UK and&nbsp;recognized by BCSP (USA) for TSP Status as well.<br /> We have an excellent team of well qualified, approved and experienced trainers. We offer these courses worldwide through a network of our affiliates, branches, satellite centres and at various organizations though inhouse conduct of training.</p> <p>We are the future in Health &amp; Safety, Quality and Environmental Training, Consultancy and Auditing</p>